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Electroless nickel

Technical data

The electroless nickel deposit provides a regular and homogeneous coating on the geometry of the parts
Excellent corrosion and wear resistance (phosphorous 6 - 9%)
Hardness: 480 to 550 Vickers. After heat treatment : 850 to 950 Vickers
Usual thickness of deposit: 5 to 25 µm
Process temperature : from 85°C to 95°C
RoHS compliant

Main applications

Watch industry
Mechanical applications


The required thickness may vary according to the final use :
Corrosion resistance : thickness must be sufficient to insure a pore-free deposit. The nature and structure of the substrate is an important factor: thickness must be higher on coarse surface than smooth ones.
Wear resistance : 15 to 25 µm are recommended, even more for severe wear conditions.
Electroless nickel deposits are easy to weld using a silver base or tin-lead welding alloy and traditional welding techniques.
Depending on the plating process, the deposit can be mat, semi-bright or bright, however, the initial finish of the base material will impact on the final aspect.

Technical sheet

Electrolytic nickel :

point or peak effect and no plating inside


Electroless nickel :

Regular and homogeneous coating



This product is RoHS compliant


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